The Ultimate Batting Trainer-Aid

The Ultimate
Batting Trainer-Aid

Simulates Genuine Pitching Conditions!

Simulates Genuine
Pitching Conditions!

Make Every Practice Swing “More Game-Like”

Make Every Practice Swing
“More Game-Like”

The Quick Hitter is a New, highly-effective batting trainer-aid that simulates genuine pitching conditions. Unlike other batting aids, The Quick Hitter delivers a moving baseball directly into the strike zone… training you to read and react to the ball more like an actual pitch!

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Better Drills… Better Practice… Better Results!

Proper mechanics are essential to being a better hitter. It is especially important that young ball players learn the basic fundamentals early, then practice them correctly and consistently. The Quick Hitter provides one of the most innovative ways for helping young ball players improve their timing and mechanics…. by turning traditional “soft toss” into a more effective hitting drill. The Quick Hitter delivers a short, accurate toss directly over the plate and in the “proper hitting zone” simulating the same effect as the perfect pitch! The result is a swing that takes the correct path to the ball every time, allowing good hitting mechanics to develop “naturally”.

How The Quick Hitter Soft Toss Drill
Improves Your Swing!

  • Promotes a better timing rhythm.
  • Promotes a short stride step.
  • Corrects the big wind up
  • Prevents over extending your arms
  • Promotes a level swing
  • Enhances hand eye coordination
  • Improves balance

Bat Speed is vital to every ball players swing, and using the Quick Hitter offers a safe and very effective way to practice one of the most powerful hitting drills for developing that explosive bat speed! The Quick Hitter drop ball drill does one thing , and one thing only…… It trains you to explode to the ball with extreme quickness — generating maximum bat speed!!! Consistent practice of the Quick Hitter drop ball drill  conditions vital reflex muscles and builds strong muscle memory so you develop a natural, quick swing — one that accelerates and explodes through the hitting zone with maximum power!

How The Quick Hitter Drop Ball Drill
Improves Your Swing

  • Develops explosive muscle memory
  • Forces total “game time” concentration
  • Promotes a quick, compact swing
  • Develops sharp hand-eye coordination
  • Improves balance and bat control

Hitting a baseball is completely reactive to what a pitcher throws……. and when you’re in the batters’ box,  you must have the ability to react to the ball,  in a fraction of a second,  to consistently excel. To maximize this skill requires concentrated practice that trains you to “hit the ball where it’s pitched”.

 Using the Quick Hitter does exactly that! It trains you to read and react to a simulated pitch on all corners of the plate, or a fastball right down the middle….. with out the need of real pitching. When you build strong memory and develop a quick sense for pitch location, reaction time is greatly improved – resulting in a more accurate and explosive swing!

How The Quick Hitter Pitch Recognition Drill
Improves Your Swing!

  • Develop a better sense of the strike zone
  • Improves reaction time
  • Promotes better timing rhythm
  • Improves hand eye coordination
  • Trains you to react to the ball instinctively
  • Improves balance and bat control

The Quick Hitter will sharpen your hand-eye skills by training you to track a moving baseball in a split-second…. just like swinging at an actual fastball pitch! This Quick Hitter Hand-Eye drill requires the same instinctive response as when you’re in the batters box…. making this hitting drill the perfect practice!

* Please note in the video that the eyes are focused straight ahead, as if looking at the pitcher.

How the Quick Hitter Hand-Eye Drill
Improves Your Swing!

  • Dramatically improves react-ability skills
  • Forces total “game time” concentration
  • Develops explosive muscle memory
  • Track a moving ball in a split-second
  • Develops sharp hand-eye coordination
  • Improve balance and bat control


  • Allows you to practice a new soft toss technique that’s more beneficial for your ballplayers swing than traditional soft toss.
  • The Quick Hitter allows you to deliver the toss directly over the plate…. and at the same time, you’re standing to the side, at a distance.
  • Provides multiple hitting drills that makes batting practice more productive because your players take quality reps with every swing with the bat!
  • Eliminates kneeling or bending.that’s associated with traditional soft toss. Say good bye those pains in your back and knees!!
  • Makes it easier to find a parent volunteer for soft toss.
  • It’s safe… keeps you out of harms way from a swinging bat, miss hits, or foul balls.


Q – How is the Quick Hitter the ultimate batting trainer-aid
A – It simulates genuine pitching conditions

Q – How is the Quick Hitter different from other batting aids
A –  It improves all aspects of your swing. Other hitting aids are one-dimensional. ( repeat the same swing over and over).

Q – How does the Quick Hitter make every practice swing “More Game-Like”
A – You react to a moving baseball with the same timing and response as an actual pitch.

Q – How is soft toss a better hitting drill using the Quick Hitter
A – The Quick Hitter delivers the toss directly into the strike zone, this technique promotes good hitting fundamental that teaches kids at the youth level to take a more direct path to the baseball with every swing of the bat!

Q – What ages is the Quick Hitter recommended for
A – Ages 9 and up’

Q – Is the Quick Hitter available at retail stores
A –  No, it’s only available on-line.

Q – Does the Quick Hitter work with softballs
A – Yes. 11″ (10-U) or 12″ softballs

Q – Does the Quick Hitter require any assembly
A – No, it’s ready to use right out of the box

Product Features

30 Day No Risk Guarantee!

Try the Quick Hitter for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason. Return it for a full refund, no questions asked. And because we’re so confident in the Quick Hitter… We’ll even pay for the return shipping!

What Our Customers Say

Cal Ripken League

Joe Skerjanecnec
Cal Ripken League
Sterling, CO

Our team has been using the Quick Hitter consistently for the last two baseball seasons and it’s provided excellent hitting stations for my players, especially in our soft toss rotation… Thanks for such a versatile and handy tool!

John Nabber
Laces Academy
Everett, Washington

I’ve tried nearly every training aid on the market and all I can say is, “your product is remarkable”! The Quick Hitter reinforces balance all the way through the swing and it’s strength is that it forces a hitter to explode to the ball!

Blue Jays
8 Year Old Coach/Kids Pitch
USSSA World Series Champions
Decatur, Ga

“Big Kudos” to the Quick Hitter! It was instrumental in helping my kids improve their swing and winning the USSSA World Series Championship. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Brian W. Shreves
Quartz Hill Softball League
Quartz Hill, California

The Quick Hitter has really made the drop ball drill one of my favorites! I can easily deliver the ball to any corner of the plate for more precise pitch locations. It has given my girls a great way to work on different hitting situations without using a real pitcher.

Jeff Adams
Coach of the Year
Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association 2A

I’ve had great success using the Quick Hitter. I train a lot of kids including my 4 sons. They love using it. To them it’s fun, to me I can change each rep up like a different pitch.

Neil Brody
Private Batting Instructor

I put a lot of emphasis on hitting different pitch locations, and using the Quick Hitter allows me to deliver the ball consistently and anywhere in the strike zone. I highly recommend the Quick Hitter for parents and coaches as part of their practice routine.

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